The Queen of Wands could be an outside figure like a mother or motherly presence in your life, or s/he could be the energy of an inner archetype you carry. S/he is the mother or holder of creativity, spirituality, and sexuality. Hir element is fire. S/he is nurturing and compassionate, but in a lovingly ruthless way. Hir love is strong, but s/he does not dote or coddle. S/he knows when it is appropriate to offer comfort and sweetness and s/he knows when it is appropriate to light a fire under your ass. The Queen of Wands sees the divinity in everyone and desires that everyone see it in themselves.

In the spirit of knowing how bad-ass and divine you are, I invite you to comment on something you are really good at and passionate about.

I am good at expressing myself through music. When I play and sing, especially for others, I don’t hold myself back. I am in my joy and power. I am at my most authentic.


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