Not to play favorites, but the Ace of Cups is a f*ing awesome card! Aces to me are about epiphanies – sudden realizations or bursts of inspiration that are handed to us from Spirit or the Universe. This card is about an emotional epiphany – a burst of love, joy, compassion so big that the heart cannot contain it and it shows. Notice how the water flows from the cup into the body of water below. This is a reminder that we are all connected to something much bigger than ourselves and that if we allow love to overflow, it will be circulated back through us like a water fountain. There is more than enough to go around because it is endless! Have you ever woken up from a dream laughing? That is what this card feels like to me. Pure joy. No filters.

This card also indicates the beginning of something big and a great opportunity to move toward it with an open heart!


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