Hmmm… Second time in a week that I’ve drawn this card. For that reason, I’m switching up the card image to keep it interesting and fresh. I love this artist! Her name is Joanna and you can find her work at RainbowOfCrazy. You can also purchase prints of her work for a great price on her Etsy site.

Now onto the card: I love how focused the chipmunk is on this one spot both with hir eyes and hands. S/he knows what s/he wants and has it in hir grasp. As I mentioned before the Page of Pentacles is about the early and exciting stages of a something new on the physical plane. I also mentioned that New Year’s resolutions are a great example of this energy. Every year in January, many of us are excited and idealistic about how this particular year is going to be. We make promises to ourselves regarding our diets, finances, health, home, and jobs, among other things. (I’m focusing on the physical since it’s pentacles and the pentacles’ element is earth.) Pulling this card a second time gives me the opportunity to ask myself: “How am I doing thus far with my resolutions?” “Have I taken physical action to bring my resolutions to life?” “What actions can I take now to make sure I keep it up when the initial excitement/romance of my resolution(s) has worn off?” Better yet, “How can
artwork by Rainbow of Crazy I keep my resolutions fresh and exciting throughout the year?”

I have a buddy in Albuquerque who has also resolved to be in better physical health this year through exercise. We both set clear goals about how many times each week we will go to the gym and what we will do when we’re there. We have been texting each other and posting photos of ourselves working out and sending each other cheers and encouragement in response. We are taking action and keeping it fun and exciting. We have our hands and our eyes on the prize, just like that cute little chipmunk.

What are some of the ways you keep your resolutions fresh and exciting?


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