Did you ever watch Xena Warrior Princess? (I’m both dating and outing myself here). If you did, then you know about Xena’s “annoying” sidekick, Gabrielle. This card reminds me a lot of Gabrielle who started out in the show as a farm girl and a talented bard. In the early stages of her relationship/apprenticeship with Xena, the awkward Gabrielle was always overly enthusiastic and curious, she often got herself into trouble that only Xena could get her out of. She only wanted to help. Her weapons were a staff and her gifts were her words, her innocence, and her commitment to truth and justice. Because of her enthusiasm and commitment to her path, Gabrielle became a fierce and wise warrior in the fight for truth and justice.

The Page of Swords may at times be awkward and overly enthusiastic, but like Gabrielle s/he is on hir way to fierce warrior-hood. In this case, the sword is not a weapon of violence, but a weapon of truth, bold ideas, and the word. The Page of Swords is beginning to understand that the word is powerful magic. As Toltec Nagual, don Miguel Ruiz teaches in his book The Four Agreements, the word is like a double edged sword, it can be used to create the most beautiful dream of heaven, or it can be used to create our own and others’ hell. If we know this, we will be more careful with how we use our words and use them consciously and impeccably to create and feed love and justice.

It is important to be patient and supportive with ourselves and others during this stage of one’s path. There is much to learn and gain from listening to our inner Page of Swords, or to a young (in age or in process) person in our lives who is learning how to use their voice in the world. The Page of Swords keeps us honest and connected to our purpose.


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