Emotional maturity. Emotional wisdom. Emotional balance. Emotional discipline.

The King of Cups is intimately familiar with profound love, profound loss, profound fear, & profound joy. S/He has had a full life and has used every experience, joyful and painful as a tool to know hirself more deeply and bring love, light, and balance into hir community and to the world around hir. S/He is deeply intuitive and has a knack for bringing calmness and order to otherwise volatile situations.

S/He practices forgiveness and accountability and offers wise mediation to those in hir community who seek it. Restorative Justice, is what the King of Cups strives for in the world. If it were up to hir, it would be the norm. A world where communities compassionately and lovingly hold each other and themselves accountable for any harms done.

This could be someone in your life, or it could be your role in someone’s life. You might be called upon to mediate or offer guidance and support for someone. This card reminds us to be compassionate and balanced, and not take sides. It calls on us to feel our emotions honestly and use them as tools for healing, without holding onto them or identifying ourselves by them.

In the card, the water represents emotions, and the subconscious. The two images of the fish tell us that the King works hard in dreamtime and in waking time to know themselves deeply and is not at all afraid to know what lies beneath. The ship represents the more practical and earthly aspects. The King of Cups sits comfortably between the two.


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