It’s time to move away from a damaging situation. Some examples of that situation could be a relationship that really does not serve, an addictive behavior, harmful thought patterns, an abusive environment, or a codependent bond. It is important to ask for and accept help during this time, because it’s not going to be an easy transition. Help could come in the form of a friend’s emotional support, a sofa to crash on, or a social or community service, to name a few possibilities.

This is not the final step, but a necessary first step to recovery or to healing an old pattern. The swords in this card represent patterns and beliefs that helped the traveller to get into the situation s/he is leaving and probably have been there for many events throughout hir life. Notice that the swords aren’t going anywhere. They will be with the traveller until s/he digs deep, and with support and love, works hard to heal the old wounds that keep hir stuck in harmful patterns.

Some may see the child in this card as the most vulnerable part of a person, but to me the child is the most resilient and hopeful aspect of this card. The child unlike the adult seems to be looking forward with anticipation.

Notice the water on one side of the boat it is choppy and on the other it is smooth. The choppy waters are still nearby, but the boat is moving toward calmer waters/emotions.

This is not going to be an easy time, but it will be a healing time. There may be some grief and longing ahead, but there will also be a deep relief. This is a wonderful opportunity to begin re-wire the brain and heal our deepest wounds.


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