This is an exciting time of getting projects/ventures off the ground and rolling. It’s not as simple as that though. I can’t think of anyone I know who has only the one thing to do or think about as they begin their project. For example, as I kick off Bad Flower Productions, I am also juggling my day job, my relationships, my health,my finances, my music career, and other creative projects. Not unfamiliar to you readers, I’m sure.

This card is about finding balance and learning to hold the many aspects of our lives. It can be fun and rewarding if we understand how to go with the flow and make it a bit of a dance. Notice the solid ground beneath the juggler. It suggests that the dancer has a solid foundation and is choosing to physically mimic the waves around and even within hir in order to easily hold the constant movement of the discs. There will always be inner and outer emotional and physical demands as we work to manifest our dreams. As long as we are not fighting those demands, and we are allowing ourself to have some fun as we juggle them, we will be able to access the infinite (infinity symbol around the discs) energy that is available to us. This might, however, not be a great time to take on more projects or responsibilities. The Two of Pentacles also reminds us to be realistic about your limits and priorities.


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