KING of CUPS – The Chewy Emotional Center

KING of CUPS - The Chewy Emotional Center

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck, so I guess the odds are pretty good that I would draw the same card twice within the span of a week, especially if I am drawing a card daily. I recently drew the Page of Pentacles three times in one week, and now the King of Cups two times in one week.

Despite the odds, I find it important to notice themes and trends when pulling cards. The past two weeks have shown a lot of cards from the Royal Arcana (7 cards) and some from the suit of cups (four cards). Let’s focus on the cups for now. All of the cups I’ve drawn have been about emotional flow and abundance. I drew the Ace of Cups, the Ten of Cups, and the King of Cups. What are the readers who are relating to these particular cards and I, being asked to consider?

For me personally, each of these cards is about the abundance of joy, love, and emotional balance within myself and with my community. My wyfe often calls me the “chewy emotional center” of our relationship. By that she means that I am pretty
steady emotionally. I don’t tend to be unpredictable or overly emotional, but I am also very accessible emotionally.

What I gather from the continuous drawing of these particular Cup cards is that I need to ask myself if I am being the chewy emotional center for myself, and are there other areas where I can bring this energy. Where are the areas that I find it challenging to hold emotional maturity and abundance of joy and love? Is there someone in my life who holds the energy of the King of Cups that I could be connecting with more? Feel free to comment with your own questions and thoughts on these themes.


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