This is one of my favorite cards of the major arcana- not because I love distruction, but because it is another card that is in service to the truth. If one draws this card in a reading, it is an indicator that shit has gone down, is going down, or is about to go down – and all that will remain is the bare naked truth.

I really like that I pulled this card after the Ace of Swords because the Tower is what happens if the Ace of Swords is ignored.

Because it is a Major Arcana card, the Tower commands the reader to look much deeper than the specific event that the card is connected to. It is a time for serious self reflection. All of the pieces of the old structure are strewn around, and it is now clear- that old structure and all the pieces that so precariously held it together were lies and false illusions. There may be more layers though. The revealed truth may just be the next illusion to challenge, but in a way it is a more honest look at where we truly are on our path, and what really needs to be healed.

There are, of course more gentle ways to uncover the truth, but if we do not choose to actively engage in that work, the gift of the Tower will eventually show up.


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