THREE of WANDS … and now we wait…

ThreeWands_RainbowofCrazyAnother beautiful card by Rainbow of Crazy.  In this version of the Three of Wands, the powerful cougar patiently waits with confidence that something good is coming hir way.  A delicious rabbit perhaps?

Cougars generally stalk very closely behind their prey and pounce when the moment is right.  Rainbow of Crazy’s version of the three of wands may be speaking to people who stalk their intention like the cougar, and challenging them to hang back, be still, and see the bigger picture.  There is very likely game out there that is more rewarding.

I drew this card almost 3 weeks ago (see original reading here) and talked about gathering energy and waiting patiently.  This card is a good sign that success is on it’s way.


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