ACE of CUPS – We otter be grateful

ACE of CUPS - We otter be grateful

Card/Art by Rainbow of Crazy

As I was shuffling the cards last night, I was feeling gratitude for how centered and open I’ve felt since I’ve been drawing (picking) cards and blogging about them for the past three weeks. It’s surprising to me that this simple act can help me to feel so present. It’s also not surprising. People have been using the Tarot for at least hundreds if not thousands of years to understand themselves and their situations better.

Blogging about the cards daily helps me learn more and gain a deeper understanding of each card, it helps me carry the energy of the card with me in my sleep and throughout the day, and it also keeps me accountable, in a way. It reminds me that I’m putting these messages out there to the world, so I best be walking my walk. Not to say that I don’t have my moody and snarky moments, but I am kept in check by the cards and readers who post comments about the cards.

Every time someone comments on my tarot writings on Facebook or on the web site, I feel more connected and happy that other people are relating to what I’m saying about the cards. I also learn so much when people post their interpretations. Feeling more connected brings me more joy and motivates me to keep doing this!

So, in feeling and thinking about all of this while drawing a card, I re-drew the Ace of Cups! Yes, this is the 4th card I’ve re-drawn in three weeks. (Maybe I need to be thinking of different things when shuffling so that we can eventually get through the deck!) I’ll think on that.

For now, I will just be grateful to have this message be reinforced. I am also grateful to have another opportunity to share one of Rainbow of Crazy’s cards. I love her version of the Ace of Cups. Two otters sharing a clam. What could be more connected and happy-making?

Wishing each of you the energy of this card. It lies within each of us, whether or not we have another otter to share it with. We are each otter enough to create such sweetness in our lives. Toltec Nagual, don Miguel Ruiz would say such joy and love is our birthright.


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