The Knight of Swords is headstrong and determined. S/he will stop at nothing to accomplish hir goal, which is great for motivation and completing a task or project, but can be harmful to bystanders or anyone in hir path. Knight of Swords can be obsessive, narrowly focused, and can also be a great leader into battle.

Is this you, or someone in your life right now? If it is you, use the energy to focus and motivate, but pay attention to the space you are taking up and how you, your words, and your actions affect those around you. If it is someone else, you might check ask how it is making you feel? Are you motivated by that person? Are you butting heads with them? Here are a couple of healthy responses you might have to this type of person: If they are heading into destruction, or a battle you are not interested in fighting, then simply get out of their way. There’s probably no stopping them at this point.
If they are heading into a battle worth fighting, letting go and letting them might be the ticket. Hitch onto that force and battle on!


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