cups06Remember a time when you had fewer responsibilities, more play time, and were possibly more optimistic?  This could have been childhood, teen years, or even a time in your adult life.  For some, it may be this exact moment.  The Six of Cups is about nostalgia for, or connection to a more innocent time, full of possibilities.  It is also about having a lot of trust and giving freely of oneself.

Many of us spend time looking back and trying to get back to those moments in our lives, especially when we are feeling extra burdened.  This card may come up when we’re feeling this.  I think a strong lesson of this card is to bring those moments, or rather the feelings of those moments to us rather than try to go back to them.  We have accumulated a lot of experience and wisdom since then.  Integration is much more powerful than escape, when it comes to life experience.

We all have the same gifts to offer as we did then, even if our bodies and abilities have changed.  The gifts in this card are about the heart and our essence.

I think the Blackalicious song “Make You Feel That Way” captures the essence of this card…


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