Sorry this post is getting out so late today. I got on a plane at 7AM this morning to New York and figured I would write at the airport or on the plane, but a nasty headcold has taken over and I mostly slept, and tried to contain my sneezing and sniffling. Yes, I was that annoying sick person on the plane, and sadly for the healthy people, I wasn’t the only one. Now I am warm and cozy in my friend’s apartment in Brooklyn waiting for the nor’easter that’s supposed to hit tonight. Still not up for writing much, a little looped up on cold medicine, so today I’m going to share an example of the card I drew last night.

The Seven of Wands is about taking a stand for something you believe in very strongly, even if it is unpopular or strongly opposed. Today this makes me think of author, performer, and BDSM educator, Mollena Williams. Ms. Williams has been one of a few very strong voices against the Portland Eagle’s recent choice to book offensive blackface drag queen, Shirley Q. Liquor, aka Ms. Chuck Knipp. Although the Portland Eagle ended up cancelling the event, their public response was equally offensive, as most folks who are called out on racism’s responses tend to be. Racism in and of itself is hurtful and isolating, it deepens the wounds and further isolates those who are harmed by it when others defend racist acts under the guise of free speech, humor, or telling others to lighten up and stop being so angry. When I see this card, even though the person in the card is white, I am reminded of the many times I and many of my friends have felt attacked and isolated when pointing out something as being racist. Please read Mollena Williams’s blog to learn more about the what’s going on in the Portland leather and queer community.

To all you white allies out there, please don’t be afraid to be the warrior shown in this card when it comes to speaking and acting out against racism.

Ok, I guess is was up for writing more than I thought. And now for some soup.


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