Wands05-Morgan-GreerAnother repeat card…  I’m still battling this cold and pretty much out of it, so I am re-posting the blog from last week.  I will, however, share that when I drew this card last week, I was about to have a very difficult conversation with four other people who I love and care about.  I expected some chaos and defensiveness, instead everyone rose to the occasion with love and compassion.  It wasn’t an easy conversation and feelings were hurt, but everyone kept an open heart and held each other and our shared vision beautifully.

——————FIVE of WANDS from 2/1/13——————
The Five of Wands suggests a battle of wills among peers or comrades.  This can be a healthy interaction in the same way that sparring helps to build skill and muscle memory.

Notice how none of these young people are wailing on each other and some look like they are actually having a good time.  Then again, there are some who aren’t having such a great time, so this isn’t necessarily a fun process.  This kind of conflict can be painful and scary, but I like to think that if an outside force were to threaten anyone in this group, all of them would gather their energy and fiercely defend their comrade without a second thought.

The green ground is furtive with possibilities. The age of the people in the card suggests new approaches to an issue, which could be uncomfortable, but necessary to move forward.  None of the wands are touching the ground, so none of the arguments or points of view have taken root yet.

Try not to spend too much time in this fight though.  The most important goal is the larger mission of the group.  Be willing to take leadership when necessary, and to step back when someone else’s leadership is called for.  Finding common ground within a group of such fiery passionate warriors can lead to a fierce army of kick-ass vampire slayers!  Ok, I’m a Buffy nerd.  See video below for full effect.


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