Rainbow of Crazy has done it again – totally captured the essence of a tarot card with cute, wise, animals and beautiful colors.  See the more traditional image and my original post about this card here.

The Six of Swords points to the temporary, but necessary solution of getting the heck out of Dodge.  Dodge could be a place, relationship, job, or any situation that is no longer healthy for us and could in fact be dangerous on some level.  Danger isn’t only a physical thing, it could be emotional, mental, or spiritual.

This swords in this card show us that our old beliefs and structures are coming with us as we escape.  So we still have work to do.  The good thing is that whatever we’re leaving did us the good service of pushing our old unhealthy habits and beliefs right up to the surface.  They are as plain as day, directly in front of us, which is a perfect place for them to be if we wish to dismantle or heal them and move on.


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