09HermitWhen the Hermit shows up in a reading, it points to a time of solitude.  In the most positive sense, the Hermit is alone, but not lonely.  S/he intentionally goes inward and away from distractions so s/he can listen for what hir mind is up to and the stories s/he tells hirself; s/he can also listen for the truth that comes from a much deeper place than the mind.

When the truth is reached, I believe it cannot actually be told, because the moment we open our mouth to speak it, or even the moment when we simply think it, it then becomes our own interpretation of the truth, but not the truth itself.  I do believe the truth can be shared by showing it.  The lantern being held by the Hermit in the card shines the light of truth, or of the divine.  When the Hermit has weeded out the distractions and untruths, only the truth remains.  The Hermit does not keep that light to hirself.  Once s/he is clear about what it is, s/he holds it out for others to see, so that they can choose to come toward the light and seek their own truth.

The archetype of the Hermit is wise and has achieved a high level of mastery in personal awareness and transformation.  Even though the Hermit is a master, s/he is humble and sees hirself simply as a messenger of light.

The Hermit can also simply be telling us to slow down and enjoy our own company.  We have everything we need including love and companionship within ourselves.


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