HP_Tarot____5_The_Hierophant_by_Ellygator card by Ellygator

I had limited internet access yesterday, so I wanted to give another day to this card.The Hierophant is a keeper and messenger of knowledge and wisdom.  S/he often shows up in the form of a spiritual teacher, a religious leader, a professor, or a mentor.  This person teaches and shares their wisdom from a place of selflessness, with the highest good as their desired outcome.  I like Professor Dumbledore as a perfect example of the Hierophant in this version of the card.  Professor Dumbledore was a master, he knew how to hold the attention of all of the Hogwarts students, and he never let his ego get in the way of truly wanting everyone around him to be the best wizards they could be.

I think a great way to convey the meaning of this card would be to honor those who have held the energy of the Hierophant in my life.  Please feel free to comment with your own list!

1.  Ms. Schultz was my 4th grade elementary school teacher.  She is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and she held her students with so much love and respect.  The most important thing she gave to me was poetry.  I remember she read us a lot of Shel Silverstein and had us write our own poems and draw our own pictures to go along with them.  Every year she would have her students draw a picture for her on special paper.  She would then make a skirt that was made up of panels of all of our drawings and wear it to school, making us all feel pretty special.  I don’t know where she is today, but I’ll never forget her!

2.  While I no longer consider myself Catholic, and do not agree with much of Church’s doctrine’s and history, I have a lot to be grateful for being brought up in the Queen of Heaven Parish in Albuquerque, NM.  Deacon Pilar Garcia ran my church’s high school and college youth groups.  He was a great mentor to many of us.  He taught us a lot about leadership and integrity by facilitating meetings and bi annual weekend events where teens led and supported each other through all of the very real issues teens face.  The meetings and events were Jesus centered, however, they were really focused on teens opening our hearts and allowing ourselves to be real with each other.  Ironically, I chose not to go through with my Confirmation because of Pilar.  As he prepared us for our Confirmation, he made it very clear to us that this was our time to choose the Church and that it was between us and God and no one else.  I knew at age 15, I didn’t want to commit my devotion to the Catholic Church.  I am grateful that Pilar respected me enough to risk reminding me that it was my choice.

3.  After a very rough and suicidal time at age 24, Susan Plourde taught me about gratitude and reminded me that I hadn’t lost my faith, I had simply outgrown it.

4.  She introduced me to Anabeth, a self identified Navajo Medicine Woman, who taught me how to pray in her tradition.  Through prayer, song, uncomfortable (for me) periods of silence, and ceremony, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and knew there was a sacred path for me to follow.  It wasn’t necessarily going to be Anabeth’s path, and she was cool with that.

5.  Heather Ash Amara was my white Toltec teacher for 8 years.  It’s complicated and confusing at times that a white person helped satiate my thirst for wisdom and practices that could very well be a lost part of my own lineage.  I struggle with the irony regularly. However, I know I would not be where I am today, I would not have experienced profound healing from some of the most terrible hurts in my life, I would not have such an understanding of my own divinity, I would not have so many of the precious tools I have without all that I gained in my apprenticeship with her.  I cherish Heather Ash’s love, encouragement, wisdom, and friendship.

6.  Heather Ash apprenticed with and has taught alongside with Toltec Nagual, don Miguel Ruiz for nearly 20 years.  I was fortunate enough to  be taught by don Miguel for a good part of my 8 year apprenticeship with Heather Ash.  One of the things I love most about don Miguel is his embodiment of the Hierophant.  He embodies love, wisdom, and humanity.  He wants everyone to be free from fear and personal limitations, and he devotes his life to sharing the ways to get there.  His three rules to his apprentices (and their apprentices):  “Don’t believe anything I say.  Don’t believe anything you say.  Don’t believe anything anyone else says.”  This was his way of letting us know that his word wasn’t law.  He was simply sharing what he knew and leaving it to us how we were going to use it.  By the same token, what we think about ourselves or to ourselves isn’t law, and what others think of us isn’t law.    It’s pretty liberating once we can really grasp that.

7.  My dear friend, Eleanor Mahood has given me so much of her time and shared so much of her knowledge about the Minor Arcana of the Tarot.  Eleanor is an amazing lucid dreamer, and gives wonderfully insightful Tarot readings.  I am very grateful for her wisdom and generosity.

8.  One day on la Avenida de los Muertos in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Rita Rivera Fox taught me with a bolt of lightening, not to indulge in my emotions.  One of the many things she taught me.

9.  Holy Old Man Bull – natoyniinastumiik – my Ohlone, Two Spirit Tio teaches me daily to remember how precious life is, and never to take myself to seriously. My lessons from him I feel, are just barely beginning. Te quiero Tio!

To all of my teachers, I am ever grateful, and hope I can be half as generous as you have been.


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