Seven of Cups

cups07The Seven of Cups always eludes me in a reading.  This is likely because from what I can remember, sort of, is that it is about grasping at illusions and grand ideas or fantasies or dreams?  It’s like that dream you kind of remember and keep getting a piece of it and then it slips away.  Hmmm… is that right?  YES, that’s exactly what it’s about, I think.  Or is it about being distracted by the very unlikely possibility that the lottery or the slot machines will be the answer to our woes.  The emotional lottery!  Yes that’s it!  This card actually reminds me of one of those digital Vegas slot machines.  My favorite slot machine is the “I Dream of Jeannie” slot machine.  I think one day that machine will seriously pay off.  But I digress.  This card is about… aw screw it.  I don’t know what its about.  Like most cards, there are so many things it could be about.  Maybe if I sit here and do nothing the meaning will come to me… but then again, maybe it won’t.


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