When I look into your smiling eyes, it’s like looking into the eyes of Death
All I can see is the pain we’ve all been through
And my own fear of your suffering
It reminds me of being a child, when there was only a future
yet I still felt all alone and much too worried
It breaks my heart to look at you sometimes
Makes me feel homesick
Makes me feel sick

I’d rather look into the abyss and pretend we do not matter,
believe that we are just specs of dust floating by a projector light
And that when it’s over,
it’s over

But I promise, I will not look away from you
We have been together so much longer than this
You, me, and Death
and when you go or when I go this time
I will try to remember
I will look up or out at the stars and know
that we are light perceiving light and
that your light or my light still shines
brighter than ever
and ever

Card image by Kevin Anthony Flores from The Toltec Tarot


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