THE EMPEROR – “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!”

04EmperorTHE EMPEROR is all about discipline, order, and leadership.  S/He is the Big Daddy of all the Tarot.  Although s/he’s related directly to Mars and the zodiac sign, Ares, I also experience hir as having a lot of Capricorn qualities.  Capricorns are natural leaders, they’re pragmatic, and they like to be on top!  Yes, I know this is a generalization.  I’m sure there are plenty of Capricorns that like to be on bottom, as I’m sure there are many Emperors that want to give up control every now and then to someone they trust completely.

This is great energy to call on when we need to inspire, focus, and organize ourselves or others.  Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the show Friday Night Lights.  I never actually saw it when it was on, so I’m watching it several episodes at a time, which is very satisfiying.  This is a show about a small town in Texas and the town’s love for everything football.  I am not a football fan, and this show is still Ahhhmazing to me.  The protagonist is the coach of a high school football team, Coach Eric Taylor.  He is responsible not only for the football team as a whole, but for the well-being of everyone one of his players, and the mood of the town which usually depends on whether or not his team wins.  He holds all of the qualities of the Emperor, except the actual sitting on a throne part, although he is put there by the town when the team wins.  I imagine any good Emperor does not actually want to be sitting on a throne, and would much rather be engaging with hir kingdom and having a direct connection and impact, but they do what they do for the good and safety of the people.

When a queerent pulls this card, they could be looking at matters of discipline, motivation, or perhaps their relationship to authority.

I found an awesome Coach Taylor super cut on the interwebs for your viewing pleasure:


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