The EIGHT of SWORDS is another somewhat heavy sword card.  It represents bondage, stagnation, and sometimes isolation.

The thing that has always struck me when I look this card, however, is that the binding doesn’t actually look very tight, hir legs are not bound, and the blindfold looks a little loose, like maybe the person could see if s/he tilts hir head back.  All this tells me that the bondage is self inflicted.  The swords represent thoughts and ideas.  This person is clearly entrapped by hir own thoughts and beliefs.  All s/he has to do is shift her perception a little to understand that s/he can get herself free and into safety (the nearby town).

Many years (ahem about 20) ago, I went boulder climbing with my then girlfriend in the Sandia Foothills in Albuquerque, NM.  It was one of my favorite ways to spend time in nature.  I had done it several times before, and had always felt perfectly safe.  On this particular day, I had a scary moment with what I perceived to be an impossible reach on a pretty high ledge.  My girlfriend had successfully made it to the top of this ledge, and I was stuck below, and unsure how to make it to where she was.  I was actually paralyzed with fear because I was mid climb hanging on in something like a Spiderman pose, and wasn’t sure how to go up or down.  I panicked and kept repeating that I was stuck; as she told

me to stand up.  I didn’t understand what she meant and was sure that there was no way up or down without seriously hurting myself.  So I just kept repeating “I’m stuck, I’m stuck!”  Finally she rephrased, “just straighten your legs”.  When I understood what she was telling me, I straightened my legs and felt so relieved (and pretty foolish) because the top of the boulder came to my waist.  It was actually my position and perception that kept me in fear and unable to move ahead.

That is usually the case with the eight of swords.  Going back to the image on the card, if we can get out of the terror of being trapped just enough to remind ourselves to shift our position and perception, we will often find that we are not really stuck, we just need to relax our bodies so that the bondage can loosen even more and we can wiggle our way out.


The beautiful boulders of the Sandia Mountains –

I call them Nana Tierra  (Grandma Earth)


Giant Granite Boulders (c)SR Euston

Check out HOME ON THE RANGE for more beautiful pics of the Southwest Desert


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