The KNIGHT of CUPS is emo, intuitive, sensitive, and poetic.  S/he’s not fully mature in these areas.  Mostly s/he’s a heart on hir sleeve hopeless romantic, and will fight to the death for love.  Love meaning, the one’s s/he loves and also meaning to win someone’s heart.I can’t help but think of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who, even when evil, devoted his life and attention to his sire, Drusilla.  Pre-sire, Spike was a sweet mama’s boy, emo-poet in the mid 1700s.  Once he was sired as a vampire he became a cruel monster with a taste for Slayers.  In the late 1900s Spike was a still cruel, punk rock bad boy with a Billy Idol leather, platinum blonde aesthetic (turns out Billy got his look from Spike), and two dead Slayers under his belt.

At a crucial point in the series, Spike gets captured by a military initiative and has a chip implanted in his head that prevents him from being able to harm humans, leaving him to rely on animal blood and maybe human blood from blood banks?  (I’ll have to watch again to remember) Anyhoo, somehow, Spike, who doesn’t have a soul begins to develop feelings for his nemesis, Buffy.  This baffled a lot of viewers that a literally soulless, heartless creature could develop genuine feelings of love.  My theory is that Spike’s heart and soul were so strong before he became a vampire back in the 1700s that once he stopped killing people in order to live, his soul started to return, as did his emo-nature.

His love for Buffy grew so great that he decided to risk his life in a

deadly ritual/battle to get his soul back 100%.  The rite to get his soul back was very risky and he knew he would probably die, but without his soul, there was always a risk of the monster coming out and hurting Buffy.  Remember how I said he could no longer harm humans?  He was capable of hurting Buffy physically because at some point she died and was brought back to life with some pretty irresponsible magick, which made her not fully human?  Was Buffy a zombie?  Readers?  Your thoughts?  I’m sure there’s plenty of discussion on the internets all about that.

So if you haven’t watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and want to see how the Knight of Cups rolls, I suggest you watch it all the way through with your eye on Spike.  It’s 7 seasons, and well worth the investment of time and brain-space.  If you have watched Buffy, then you know, Spike is the Knight of Cups.

With that, I will leave you with another song from “Once More With Feeling,” the one and only musical episode of Buffy.  Here’s Spike’s song, “Let Me Rest In Peace.”  It’s hard to find good versions of video from this episode, yet I am determined to get every song from the Buffy musical episode on this blog at some point…


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