JUSTICE XI Gay marriage in the air

11JusticeToday a lot of people I know have Justice on their minds – the US Supreme Court  will start to hear cases debate on the subject of same-sex marriage.  It’s exciting and nerve wracking for so many.  There will be parties or protests at the end of it all, probably both.  It will be all over the news, and the most talked about, blogged about subject for the few months, and right now I can only think that even if LGBT folks become closer to getting to marry, and once we can finally marry who we choose, queer homeless youth will be homeless, trans women will still be targets of violence and incarceration, and children and teens will be left to fend for themselves as their parents are deported out of the United States.

Don’t get me wrong, the decision about same-sex marriage means something to me.  As a trans person who is now legally male, I have the right to legally marry my partner, or at least the documents to legally marry her without immediate scrutiny.  My wyfe and I decided to wait to become ‘legally’ married until it becomes federally recognized for all LGBT folks, so as not to take part in an institution that leaves our friends and loved ones behind.  Although I still have reservations about an institution that only gives certain important rights to people who are in a somewhat traditional monogamous relationship, even if they are same-sex.  I am going to stop here and direct readers to someone who is much more articulate on the matter than I am.  Please check out this article written by political activist, Scot Nakagawa.

Why I Support Same Sex Marriage as a Civil Right, But Not as a Strategy to Achieve Structural Change.


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