19TheSunTHE SUN is that feeling you get when everything lines up and there is relief, peace, and joy welling up in your heart.  It’s that moment when we are in perfect alignment with our highest intent and we are moving and acting with the universe rather than separate from it.  It’s when the busy mind dissolves into the greater soul and the ego disappears.  This is not a permanent state for anyone, because the sun appears in cycles and will eventually set again, but it sure feels good when it happens.  We can savor these moments and allow them to fuel us for the other important parts of our journeys.  So when you pull this card, or experience this state, drink it up, soak it up, be grateful, share it, store it, be it.

In the meantime, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and drink up the sweet, sweet sound of Nina Simone singing “Here Comes The Sun.”  …Then watch the video for an extra hit of beauty and joy.


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