wands11I woke up so excited about tonight’s Sing-Along Jesus Christ Superstar show at the Victoria Theatre that I can hardly contain myself or think of anything else.  So I have to say that writing about the PAGE of WANDS is a bit challenging this morning.  It was challenging yesterday morning as well, so I just didn’t write.  But I am committed to doing this daily, so I didn’t want to let it slide another day.

What can I say about the Page of Wands…?  Well Pages are royalty in the Tarot, and the Royal Arcana cards often have something to do with a real person in the queerent’s life, or a part of the queerent’s personality.  Pages are the youngest sibling in the Royal Arcana.  They represent innocence, wonder, naivete, and playfulness.  Finally, wands represent fire, passion, creativity, sexual energy, and just ENERGY period.   The Page of Wands is a free spirit, who is spontaneous, playful, and whimsical.  S/he is always ready for adventure, and brings the queerent a messenge of inspiration and excitement.

OMG OMG OMG!  I’m too excited about tonight!


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