swords07The SEVEN of SWORDS is one of the few cards that I take quite literally and have a harder time putting a positive twist on.  The person in the image is clearly getting away with something.  This card is about stealing, being stolen from, or some kind of deception.  The swords probably do not represent physical property in this case, but more intellectual or cultural property.  For example, this card could come up around copyright infringement, cultural appropriation, or lies being told.

If I were to try to put a positive spin on this card, I would say that it is always good to be warned or validated when something like this is happening or about to happen, it’s also good to face the truth if we are the ones doing the deceiving or appropriating.

Since cultural appropriation is one of my least favorite realities to deal with, and therefore, one of my favorite to rail on and work to dismantle, I’ll share this beautifully written article on cultural appropriation on the blog My Culture Is Not A Trend: On Reverse Cultural Appropriation

Lies, deception, theft, and appropriation are something we as humans do for some reason.  I can’t imagine there are many humans over the age of 5 who haven’t taken part in these acts.  As humans we also have the ability to be working to heal and be accountable to others and ourselves when we do it, and to call on each other to be accountable.   We are capable of many amazing things.


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