pents05The FIVE of PENTACLES represents a tough time in the material realm.  Finances, health, home, or even the physical, daily demands of a particular relationship could be wearing you out.  This card reminds us to seek help from a stable resource, and try not to go at it alone.

It also might be validating that the larger systems of oppression have contributed to us being where we’re at.  For example, queers and trans folks are often booted from the very establishments that we were brought up with, such as our families and our churches, and harmed by anti-queer, anti-trans, anti-woman laws, and lack of protection and resources by the government.  This is a good time to remember the chosen family we’ve created, the blood family that has stuck by us, and the resources that may be available to us, like health clinics, community centers, groups like Food Not Bombs, as well as website forums and other internet resources for folks who do not know what might be available in their area.

Wishing you all safety, comfort, nourishment, and love.


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