TWO of SWORDS – Quiet the mind

swords02 (Originally posted on 2/17/13)

Like most cards, the TWO of SWORDS has many possible meanings depending on the reader, which position it is drawn in, and reader’s question.  I like to find the most positive or uplifting meaning of a card.  I am definitely interested in the more challenging meanings, but I believe the Tarot is a tool that is meant to help us navigate our journeys.  I like to look at the possibilities of making the outcome as graceful as possible.  So when I see challenging or painful cards come up, it never feels gloomy or hopeless, it feels more to me like a great gift of seeing how we might respond those bumpier moments on our path.

Some say this card is about confusion, indecisiveness, or denial.  I see the TWO of SWORDS as an opportunity to get out our minds/thoughts out of the way of a much deeper well of knowledge.  There may be opposing ideas or principals pulling our attention in different directions, and a need to choose one.  The person in this card doesn’t seem too disturbed by this notion.  S/he holds each potential truth as s/he sits quietly under the moon (intuition) and near the rippling water (subconscious), blindfolded from outer distractions.  S/he waits patiently for an answer to arise.


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