JUSTICE XI: DOMA repealed, yet my heart is heavy


Justice card by Rainbow of Crazy

I wrote about Justice in March when cases were being heard.

Here’s my response to the recent ruling –

DOMA has been repealed, but I am not jumping for joy. People have been blatantly left behind including voters of color, people who are targeted by police on a regular basis (young black and brown men, trans women of color, sex workers), and once again, the original people of Turtle Island (the Dusten Brown case set a dangerous precedent for the future of the Child Welfare Act and is working to rip a child from her family and roots).
I really hope that people who are celebrating DOMA being repealed and Prop 8 going down, are ready to use freed up resources to continue the fight for social justice for EVERYONE! I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s gay pride parade. I’m asking folks to stay fired up for the people who are still in very real danger.
Written by Luke Taylor:
We should be clear that SCOTUS did more to eviscerate civil rights this week than defend them. Here’s the score card for those keeping track:
VRA: gutted and already being used to disenfranchise voters of Color in Texas
Miranda rights: the court significantly curtailed your right to remain silent during QUESTIONING, even before an arrest, stating that remaining silent can, in fact, be used against you
Affirmative action: punt
Marriage equality: punt
Tribal sovereignty: grossly undermined and a terrible precedent set for future casesDOMA may be dead but the court should be seen as no one’s hero this week.

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