More on Justice XI

More on Justice XI Tarot card by Astral Tarot

A friend respectfully asked me if I could help them understand my thoughts on the SCOTUS Child Welfare Act case. Here are some points I made to them followed by some good articles:
***A note to Two Spirit/Native pals, please feel free to make any corrections or additions***

My understanding of things:
-The Cherokee Nation is a sovereign nation who had US citizenship forced on them

-Therefore, this isn’t just about trans-racial adoption, it is about trans-national adoption (think Madonna tries to adopt a baby from Malawi against the wishes of the people and government of Malawi)

-The adoption wasn’t complete

-Dusten Brown wants to raise his daughter – and thought he would be in his child’s life

-As soon as he found out his child was being put up for adoption, he made moves to gain custody

-The US has a terrible history of forcing Native children away from their homes, families, nations and into boarding schools “Indian Schools,” meant solely for assimilation into white American culture

Here are a couple of great articles that explain it much better than I can:

Here’s an article that came out during the trial in April:

Here’s the latest article from Indian Country:


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