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More about Bad Flower Productions here: http://www.badflower.com

When giving readings, I blend my background and experience from my dear friend and tarot teacher,Eleanor Mahood, my Toltec and Major Arcana apprenticeship with Heather Ash Amara, and the wonderful fortune of studying under don Miguel Ruiz in California, New Mexico, and at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Tarot readings are great for bringing in clarity and focus on upcoming or current creative projects!

They’re also great for questions regarding relationships, careers, finances, spiritual path, and general life direction.

I offer readings both in person and via Skype

If you are interested in receiving a reading contact me at: 

Bad Flower Productions provides services and support to queer and trans artists and performers to help bring their creative projects to life. BFP recognizes that there are many different stages to dreaming up and manifesting your creative goals – including concepting, strategizing, fundraising, production, and finally introducing your creation to the community and the world! That is why Bad Flower focuses on offering services in each of these areas. Services include project management, video editing, fundraising strategy specializing in crowd-funding campaigns, and even tarot readings to help with you gain clarity and focus as you plan and move forward toward reaching your goals.

StormMiguel Florez
I am an artist, catalyst, and cheerleader. Because of my passion for helping queer and trans folks manifest and hone their creative projects and dreams, and because I know that our voices are essential in this world, I decided to create Bad Flower Productions.

Besides being an artist/musician, I am a transgender Mestizo who grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and now live in San Francisco, CA. I came out as a dyke at the age of 15 and now identify as a queer man. The name, Bad Flower comes from the term mal-flor, which is a derogatory Spanish-slang term for dyke or lesbian. When I first heard the term mal-flor, I immediately identified with and reclaimed it, in the same spirit as taking back words like ‘dyke’ and ‘queer.’ To sum up my motivation: There are a lot of Bad-ass Flowers out there, and I want to help them blossom.

Although not exclusively, Bad Flower Productions aims to support and promote queer and transgender artists
of color and mixed race heritage.


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